commercial property maintenance

The strength of a construction company is in it’s people.

To ensure we meet our promises our Property Maintenance Team has a dedicated staff
independant of the commercial arm but has access to the commercial resources
when needed. We pride ourselves on our wide range of expertise in the
construction industry. All our carpentry staff are competent at residential
carpentry and small works and most also excel in the larger commercial jobs. We
have a very stable workforce with a wide range of experience and skills.

A large number of our staff have been police and NZ Defence Force vetted
through the work we have done in the education sector, Police Stations, Defence
Force and the Ministry of Justice in recent years.

We understand that we are in the service industry and what that means. We are
a well established company (65 years) that has the procedures and resources in
place to respond quickly to any size project. We continuously review our
procedures with feedback from Staff, Consultants & Clients. We are also
competitive in the tender market which ensures cost control is also a focus for
our business, both with ours and our clients budgets. But most of all we want to
enjoy our work and we want our business partners to enjoy it as well.

We believe by not having in house trades that we gain an advantage. The reason
we employ our own carpentry workforce is to maintain our high quality and to be
able to allocate resources from project to project as required. By subcontracting
the other trades you are doing 3 things:
1. You are spreading your resources to those who want the work and can do it
(supply and demand laws);
2. You are always pitching at the competitive end of the market as it goes
through it's flucuations;
3. You can add to your rescource quickly while still being competitive.

We understand that the modern client would expect us to reply promptly to
requests; advise of the anticipated start and finish dates; that our
correspondence would be clear & concise; that we would advise the clients
representative if the current plan changes; that our staff conduct themselves in
such a manner that protects both Alexander's and our clients reputation at all
times; and that the job is completed to an acceptable timeframe and of high
quality. We will deliver on this. We are even prepared to put our money where
our mouth is !

We are the preferred contractor to the Napier City Council (on maintaining their
property portfolio), the BSL Property Group, AMI Insurance, AA Insurance and
Vero Insurance because of this. We don’t just say it, we do it !



"Big Save Furniture and the
 properties at the Ahuriri 

Business Park often use

the services of the 
Alexander Construction    
Home/ Maintenance team
for small and large 
maintenance issues.
We have come to rely on 
the prompt service and the 
professional workmanship. 
We are happy to 
recommend their services."
Signed Ray & Alison McKimm
Ahuriri Business Park
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