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Our engagement processes are designed to encourage clear and open communication and ensure your building project is as simple and painless as possible. Below is an overview of the most common ways we are engaged.

Choose the process which best suits you and your job, or contact us to talk to one of our team about the best option for your upcoming project.

We work as a cohesive team together with the client and architect. This process requires the client, builder and design consultant to work as a team to develop the final design. Our aim within this process is to ensure the client’s expectations of budget and time are met with the minimum of hassles. We ensure that any issues are solved at the earliest opportunity using the most cost effective solutions while maintaining the design intent. A successful negotiated process relies heavily on flexibility and open, clear communication and can be a very positive experience.

Design Build
Alexander Construction is asked to produce the design and costing based on the client’s brief.
Because this enables the design, construction, cost and timeframe to be managed by us we can investigate where potential savings can be made at the beginning of the project, streamlining the design process and saving considerably on the time taken from brief to completion. It makes sense to us to involve the people who know most about construction costs and timeframes from the beginning.

Guaranteed Maximum Price – additional contract option
This contract guarantees a final project cost. This option can be applied to either a negotiated or design build contract and provides financial security for the client as we guarantee that the project will not go over a certain value. As we take the risk on the building budget, we also take full control of the project, managing all consultants and ensuring the client’s brief is maintained.
Fast Track The fastest method of building a project as construction can start before the design or costings are finalised. This process allows for work to be undertaken in phases. Though final costs may not be known until the project is well underway this is an effective option if your project requires several months worth of structural work or has a tight time frame. Sub contractors are priced throughout the project and managed by us to ensure budgets are protected and timelines achieved.

Tender Process
Alexander Construction is asked to price work on a complete set of documents along with other building companies. A successful tender is usually selected on price so it is vital that each builder is given identical documents to quote on. If only concept documents are available the commitment to progress to working drawing stage needs to be made before the tender process begins. Working drawings include specifications for things such as building materials but may not include everything needed to complete the project – for example site works (paths, driveway etc). If additional materials, work or time will be required to complete your project, builders may add ‘tags’ to a tender. The tender price is still based on the original documents, but tagging gives the builder the opportunity to highlight or clarify anything missing from what has been drawn or specified. If the tenders are more than you budgeted for we appreciate the opportunity to work with your design consultant to investigate how your design may be achieved more cost-effectively. Because tenders must compare ‘apples with apples’ this cannot be done until after the original tender process is completed.

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