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We only want the best because that’s what our clients have come to expect. They know their building project is important to us and that we’ll go the distance to ensure every job is the best it can be - because whether it’s the office administrator or the project supervisor - that’s just the way Alexanders’ people are expected to think.

If you take your reputation as a professional as seriously as we do and truly champion a job well done, we reckon you’ll love working with us.

We seek individuals who see a world of innovation in a membrane roof design and appreciate the simple beauty of battons over plywood; someone who understands the satisfaction of a perfectly honed plinth and enjoys nothing more than a good yarn about the merits of wall cladding cavities.

As you would expect from such a dedicated group we also enjoy our share of social activities and recreational pursuits, so a keen sense of fun is vital.  It also wouldn’t hurt to be a skilled prop or lock, but we digress.

Get in touch and let us know what type of role you’re after, your experience and relevant qualifications and the best way for us to contact you.

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We know it’s not just
the quality of our workmanship that makes us popular with our clients
– it’s got a lot to do with the dedication, skill and personality of the people that make up our team.

- Carpenters
- Formen
- Project Managers   
-Quantity Surveyors Estimators
- Site Administration
- Accounts Administration



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